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Why use AppyGuide when you travel?

Easy and convenient way to explore

All audio guides are easily accessible on your phone. Wherever you go, you can find a story to listen to.

Highest quality of content

Our storytellers aren’t your average tour guides! They are history and art scholars, art conservators and restorers.

Personalised tour at a low cost

We think that everyone should be able to afford a great tour guide. Our platform allows us to bring the highest quality guides to a much larger audience at a much lower price.

Stories downloadable to your device

Traveling and have no mobile data package? No problem! You can purchase and download stories whenever you have WiFi, and listen to them at will.

Our Stories

Our stories are created and narrated by people who are passionate about their field of study. They teach at universities, work at museums, restore works of art and write books. And they all have their own unique stories to share. AppyGuide helps them do that.

Great fit for all

We understand that every traveller’s interest in and knowledge of art and history are different. That is why AppyGuide is a great fit for all, as it allows users to tailor their choices based on subject, language, and even existing knowledge level.

World's brightest scholars

We work hard to bring you only the best scholars from all over the world. Our stories of paintings, sculptures, historical buildings and historic personas will help you better understand the places you visit and more profoundly enjoy your travels. We believe that with AppyGuide we can change how you travel and experience art!

Our Storytellers

How to become a storyteller?

We welcome scholars and specialists with degrees in History, Art, Architecture or Literature; as well as conservators, restorers, curators and all other advanced history and art enthusiasts. If you believe you are qualified to become a storyteller, contact us at [email protected] AppyGuide is the best way to earn money while sharing your passion!

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