The best contactless private city tour with captivating audio guides from the world’s most famous experts and TV presenters.
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Why use AppyGuide
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Contactless city tour

With our contactless solution you can explore destinations independently, thus, in safety. No more crowded group tours or close contact.

World's best experts as
your guides

Premium content from the world’s most renown scholars, experts and TV presenters.

Check out our audio story about Caravaggio’s Medusa by world renown art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon.

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Low price

We think that everyone should be able to afford a great tour guide. Our platform allows us to bring the highest quality guides to a much larger audience at a much lower price.

No need for internet connection

Traveling and have no mobile data package? No problem! You can purchase and download stories
whenever you have Wi-Fi, and listen to them at will.

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Narrated by A. Graham-Dixon

The Medusa – one of the most famous and gruesome paintings at the Uffizi Galleries portraying the head of the legendary gorgon. A Caravaggio expert – Andrew Graham-Dixon – explores this masterpiece in great detail, figuratively bringing you into Caravaggio’s studio in Rome and allowing you to peek on the great master.

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Covid-safe city tour

Would you like to go on a tour of Florence with the world’s most famous experts in art and history? Does the challenge of social distancing during a guided tour worry you? If so, then tour Florence from the comfort and safety of your own smartphone.

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We’re only getting started with Florence. Download the app and stay tuned for more European cities.

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Town & Country Magazine, Oct 2019

The Best Travel Apps You Need on Your Phone Before a Trip

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, not to mention many hours, on tours, download AppyGuide, an audio guide travel app that provides engaging information about art, history, and culture from some of the world’s leading experts. The startup has already signed superstars such as BBC presenter and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and Martin Kemp, one of the world’s leading experts on Leonardo da Vinci.

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SWISS in-flight Magazine, Oct 2019

One App Ahead

AppyGuide is a new audio guide app, a handy city tour guide to listen to when on the go. The app offers a collection of captivating recordings describing local attractions, art and cultural events, all presented by experts in their field: history professors and art historians, including well-known personalities such as broadcaster and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon. The audio stories can be downloaded before travel to use offline.