The Expectations of Your Guests Have Changed

It’s more important than ever to offer your guests a mobile and contactless way to explore the destination to increase occupancy, create a safer environment for employees and guests, and
boost revenue.
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AppyGuide is an app that lets your guests explore their destination with on-demand audio guides and recommendations by world’s best experts. Become our distribution partner and enjoy the following benefits:
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Anticipate your guests' needs for contactless

Even post-Covid, people will continue to keep their distances and worry about hygiene. That’s why offering your guests an option of a truly contactless way to experience the city is so important.

Recover your occupancy faster

Encourage your guests to return by taking care of them at every stage of their visit, whenever they are at your property or when they step out your door.

Increase your revenue

Get a share of our revenue each time one of your guests subscribes in the app. No costs for you, only extra revenue. It is that simple!

Offer your guests a tour with a celebrity

AppyGuide’s audio guides are created by the world’s most famous experts and TV presenters that typically don’t do tours. So you won’t find such amazing content anywhere else except on AppyGuide.

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Customise and manage your recommendations

Allow your Concierge to add places in the “Eat and Do” section with recommendations available only to your guests. Track and analyse which recommendations converted into transactions.

Get access to our digital concierge

Since not all hotels are able to have a concierge service, AppyGuide has a solution that offers your staff access to the highest quality curated recommendations.

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Where we operate

AppyGuide is currently available in Florence, Italy in three languages: English, Italian and Russian. We are working tirelessly to add more destinations and more languages. Stay tuned!

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Narrated by A. Graham-Dixon

The Medusa – one of the most famous and gruesome paintings at the Uffizi Galleries portraying the head of the legendary gorgon. A Caravaggio expert – Andrew Graham-Dixon – explores this masterpiece in great detail, figuratively bringing you into Caravaggio’s studio in Rome and allowing you to peek on the great master.

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Become our partner in this new travel era! Use contactless to bring your guests back and enhance their experience.

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Town & Country Magazine, Oct 2019

The Best Travel Apps You Need on Your Phone Before a Trip

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, not to mention many hours, on tours, download AppyGuide, an audio guide travel app that provides engaging information about art, history, and culture from some of the world’s leading experts. The startup has already signed superstars such as BBC presenter and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and Martin Kemp, one of the world’s leading experts on Leonardo da Vinci.

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SWISS in-flight Magazine, Oct 2019

Listen to Culture: AppyGuide

AppyGuide is a new audio guide app, a handy city tour guide to listen to when on the go. The app offers a collection of captivating recordings describing local attractions, art and cultural events, all presented by experts in their field: history professors and art historians, including well-known personalities such as broadcaster and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon. The audio stories can be downloaded before travel to use offline.